Melbourne, Australia – Nissan has unveiled the newest member of its locally developed ute family, the Nissan Navara SL Warrior by Premcar.

A product of Nissan and Premcar's lauded partnership, the Navara SL Warrior is based on the popular SL 4WD dual cab, and unlocks a new entry point to the Warrior family for Australian ute buyers.

Priced at MSRP $58,000 (manual) or MSRP $60,500 (auto) the SL Warrior joins the PRO-4X Warrior in Nissan's made-for-Australia ute program, with new adventure-ready equipment, increased off-road capability and suspension tuned in Australia for Australian conditions.

"We're thrilled with the response to the Premcar Warrior program to date, and we want as many people to experience these made-for-Australia products as possible," says Nissan Australia Managing Director Adam Paterson.

"With the new Navara SL Warrior by Premcar, a new and more accessible entry point to the Warrior family has been developed, but one that's no less comfortable on the road, and no less capable off it.

"The SL Warrior will add to Australian Navara sales, rather than subtract from it, with Nissan Australia securing additional units to meet demand. It is further proof of how highly the Warrior program is regarded."

Nissan Navara SL Warrior by Premcar enhancements

  • New winch-compatible hooped bullbar with integrated LED lightbar
  • New "Navara" branded under-body black bash plate
  • 275 / 70 / R17 Cooper Discoverer All Terrain AT3 tyres with increased tread depth, and an off-road focused tread pattern
  • Suspension lift (+40mm) increasing ground clearance from 220m to 260mm
  • Towbar
  • A 100kg GVM upgrade with 3500kg braked towing capacity
  • Comprehensive suspension tuning with new springs, dampers and jounce bumpers
  • New spring rate for more front-end support and less body roll
  • Revised front and rear damping for better compliance, sound isolation and reduced float when towing or carrying a load
  • Improved approach angle, from 32 degrees to 36 degrees, and near-identical departure angle, from 19.8 degrees to 19 degrees with tow bar fitted
  • Fender flares and tubliner for better body protection
  • Ready for adventure with easy-clean all-weather floor mats

All of which joins the Navara SL's impressive standard equipment list, which includes:

  • Proven 2.3-litre twin-turbo-diesel engine
  • 140kW @ 3750rpm and 450Nm @ 1500-2500 rpm
  • Choice of six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmission
  • 8.0-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • 7.0-inch Advanced Drive-Assist Cluster Display
  • Six-speaker stereo with USB A and USB C connections
  • Seven airbags (Front, Side Seat, Curtain, Driver Knee)
  • Reverse Parking Camera
  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning (IFCW)
  • Intelligent Emergency Braking (IEB)
  • Intelligent Driver Alert (IDA)

Developed with Nissan's local engineering partner Premcar in the firm's state-of-the-art Victorian facility, the Navara SL Warrior has benefitted from the same exhaustive testing, tuning and localization program as the PRO-4X Warrior.

A hallmark of the Warrior program is to broaden the Navara's capability, rather than simply shift it to off-road applications. Which is why every change or addition made to the SL Warrior has been tuned and tested in all driving scenarios to ensure capability doesn't come at the expense of on-road comfort.

The Nissan Navara SL Warrior by Premcar is built for the tough stuff, and its owners will be afforded complete peace of mind thanks to a comprehensive five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty covering all Nissan and Premcar parts.

Nissan's comprehensive five-year factory warranty applies to all manufacturer components, while Premcar matches Nissan warranty on all Warrior enhancements. Customers need simply present at their Nissan Australia Dealership when it comes time for servicing, or if they have a warranty query, and Nissan's service team will take care of the rest.

The Navara SL Warrior also acts as a further shot in the arm of Victoria's booming automotive manufacturing industry, with Premcar's Warrior program — already home to more than 35 engineering and manufacturing experts — in the midst of a recruitment drive as it adds production shifts to meet expected demand.

The Navara SL Warrior is expected to arrive in Nissan showrooms in August 2022.



Karla Leach  - Director – Corporate Communications
Mobile: 0429 334 832

Emily Fadeyev - Senior Manager – Corporate Communications
Mobile: 0407 820 192 





SL WARRIOR improvement


Ride Height

Ground Clearance

- 220 mm

- 260 mm

+ 40 mm

  1. 15 mm increase from spring update
  2. 25 mm increase from tyres and wheels
  3. Improved Off-Road capability
  4. Improved handling/ Cornering & stability

Approach Angle

- 32 deg

- 36 deg

+ 4 deg

Departure Angle

  1. 19.8 deg

(w/ Towbar)

  1. 19.0 deg

(w/ Towbar)

- 0.8 deg


- 1570 mm

- 1600 mm

+ 30 mm

Suspension Springs

Front spring rate

- 81 N/mm

- 75.5 N/mm

-7% reduction

  1. Improved handling
  2. Less body roll
  3. Accurate transient response
  4. Support ride height increased capabilities

Rear spring rate- primary

- 37 N/mm

- 34.7 N/mm

-6% reduction

Rear spring rate- secondary

- 75 N/mm

- 87 N/mm

+16% increase

Suspension Dampers

Front Damper tube diameter

- 30 mm

- 35 mm

+ 17% increase

  1. Low damping speed (0.3m/s) provides a softer ride while improving isolation from road texture
  2. High speed rebound (1m/s) has increased by 50% and 100% over compression providing greater control in off road conditions

Front Damper Rod diameter

- 12.5 mm

- 18 mm

+ 44% increase

Front Damper rebound

Low speed- 1600N
High speed- 4000N

Low speed- 900N
High speed- 6200N

  1. 44% reduction
  2. 55% increase

Front Damper compression

Low speed- 400N
High speed- 1000N

Low speed- 400N
High speed- 2500N

  1. No change
  2. 250% increase





SL WARRIOR improvement


Suspension Dampers

Rear Damper tube diameter

- 30 mm

- 35 mm

  1. +17% increase
  1. Rear damper rebound low speed is increased to control rear vehicle float during towing or loaded conditions
  2. Rebound damping has increased up to 50% to provide greater handling stability
  3. Damper compression has been increased by 25% to secure impact force absorption and eliminate after shake

Rear Damper rod diameter

- 12.5 mm

- 15.8 mm

  1. +26% increase

Rear damper rebound

Low speed- 800N
High speed- 3000N

Low speed- 1300N
High speed- 4800N

+62% increase
+60% increase

Rear damper compression

Low speed- 300N
High speed- 1200N

Low speed- 300N
High speed- 1000N

  1. No change
  2. 16.6% reduction

Front Suspension jounce bump

Travel @ 4000N

- 10 mm

- 12 mm

  1. +2mm
  2. (20% increase)
  1. Jounce Bumper engages the chassis earlier with an improved progression rate
  2. Increased wheel movement control at maximum suspension travel
  3. More efficient energy transfer into vehicle chassis while providing wheel & suspension more effectively

Travel @ 19000N

- 13.5 mm

- 15 mm

  1. +1.5mm     

(11% increase)

Tyre and Wheels


- 255/65/ R17

- 275/ 70/ R17

  1. +53.5 mm/2.2” in OD
  1. PRO-4X Warrior tyres are a Hybrid type with rugged off-road properties
  2. Selected due to their outstanding on-road performance

Tread depth

- 9.5 mm

- 12.7 mm

+3.2 mm

Load rating

- 1060 Kg at max inflation

-1450Kg at max inflation

+390 Kg

GVM update


MT- 1,126 Kg

MT-1,035 Kg

  1. 91 Kg (8.8%) reduction
  1. Warrior components can be installed while having a minimal impact on payload thanks to a 100Kg GVM upgrade

AT- 1,117 Kg

AT- 1,026 Kg

Issued by Nissan