Melbourne, August 25 – Nissan e-POWER with e-4ORCE has already delivered a smooth, comfortable, EV-like drive experience for thousands of families around the world, but with tomorrow marking International Dog Day, Nissan is celebrating the ride this innovative technology provides for our furry friends.

And to make it even easier to take your four-legged friend along for the ride, Nissan's Dog Travel Set* includes everything you need for your next adventure.

"Nissan's e-POWER with e-4ORCE technology delivers a phenomenal drive experience, and it's one that benefits every passenger, whether they have two legs or four," says Nissan Australia Managing Director, Adam Paterson.

"Smooth, EV-like acceleration, confident cornering and a stable cabin, are all benefits of this innovative technology, all of which is sure to keep all occupants happy on your next adventure."

Dogs, just like humans, can suffer from motion sickness, with veterinary experts suggesting the condition can be caused by a lack of balance impacting the inner ear.

Nissan's e-POWER with e-4ORCE technology isn't just more efficient than a traditional internal combustion powertrain^, but also helps smooth "ruff" roads, delivering an EV-like drive experience that also keeps the vehicle feeling more stable under acceleration or braking^, and delivers more confident cornering^.

This innovative electric-drive four-wheel-control technology uses its front and rear electric motors to drive the wheels, so acceleration is always linear and silky smooth.

With rear torque response that's up to 10,000 times faster than a mechanical 4WD system^, e-4ORCE responds to traction losses in an instant, ensuring agility and stability across a range of conditions.

Rear-motor braking reduces vehicle pitch and dive^, keeping the vehicle feeling flat and stable, and e-4ORCE all-wheel drive controls torque and braking for each wheel individually, delivering smoother^, more confident cornering^ with minimal steering adjustments.

Weight distribution is also near-perfect, helping to further stabilise the vehicle.

While e-POWER with e-4ORCE takes care of the journey, Nissan's four-piece Dog Travel Set (RRP $59) takes care of the destination.

This suite of Nissan-branded accessories* are "tail"-or made for your furry friend, and includes a collapsible dog bowl with a waterproof liner, allowing it to double as a food or water bowl when you're on a road trip. It also folds up neatly for space-saving storage.

The pack also includes a food storage bag that will hold up to eight kilograms of dry food, and includes a roll-top closure that seals odours and doubles as a carry handle.

A refillable waste bag holder is both compact and practical, and is designed to clip onto the Nissan-branded 1.5m reflective dog lead, which comes with a Carabiner Clip should you need to secure your dog for any reason.

Also available is a Nissan official reversible boot liner (RRP $201), which is hard-wearing velour on one side and easy-to-clean rubber on the other, and which will protect your boot from muddy paw prints.

Both the Dog Travel Set and reversible boot liner can be ordered from, or from any Nissan showroom.

Nissan e-POWER with e-4ORCE and official dog-friendly accessories are the pawfect accompaniment for your next adventure.

*Optional accessories available at extra cost.
^All comparisons are to the MY23 X-TRAIL ICE 2.5L

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Emily Fadeyev
Senior Manager – Corporate Communications
Nissan Motor Co. Australia
Mobile: 0407 820 192


Issued by Nissan