A man and a woman holding a baby, standing on a beach in front of their parked Nissan X-Trail

Move in a new way

TV host and entertainment presenter Renee Bargh takes us on a day in her life as she prepares to move in a new way and begins to navigate her journey as a first-time mum in her Nissan X-TRAIL e-POWER

With a heightened focus on sustainability and safety, Nissan Australia Lifestyle Ambassador Renee Bargh finds the X-TRAIL e-POWER to be everything she wants and more in car. She loves the ease it brings to her life. 

Her favourite features are the car's Intelligent Rear View Mirror, Apple CarPlay®, easy access to the back seat, smooth ride and impressive safety for her precious cargo.

Renee starts her day by grabbing a morning coffee and having some beach time with her family before heading home to spend time with her son, Tide. Watch as Renee blends her two jobs, Mum and Presenter, as she prepares for a red-carpet event at home, allowing us to join her on her journey to Sydney's famous Opera House to kick off her evening.

Watch and learn more about a day in Renee's life with the X-Trail e-POWER:


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