Personally Identifiable Information That Our Company Handles

1. Purpose of Use

Nissan uses the personally identifiable information, which was obtained through PR activities, such as the address, name, etc. of customers (hereafter referred to as "personal information") for the following purposes. However, we will never use customers' personal information for purposes other than those specified below without gaining prior consent from the user/customer.

  1. To inform customers of Nissan products, technologies and services or its activities, and various events by sending them print material and by telephone, e-mail, etc.
  2. To respond to any enquiries received from any customer, to provide prompt service, etc
  3. To provide the customers' personal information in writing or by electronic media to the following third parties. However, we will stop provision of information to the third parties upon a customer's request.

Provided to :

  1. Nissan subsidiaries/affiliates and franchised dealers
  2. Parties that have concluded information supply agreement with the company

2. Disclosure, Amendment, etc. of Personal Information

If and when the customers involved request disclosure, amendment, etc, of their personal information that Nissan holds, in accordance with the laws concerning protection of personal information, the company will respond to them appropriately. The following are the procedures to be followed when you make a request for disclosure, amendment, etc. of your personal information.

  1. Please get in touch with the Contact for Privacy Policy given below.
  2. Upon confirming the content of your inquiry, we will send you a form to fill in your request for disclosure, amendment, etc.
    * At that time, we will ask for your name, address, etc. to send you a form for requesting disclosure, amendment, etc., and information on the way of making a request.
  3. After you receive a form for requesting disclosure, amendment, etc., please fill in the request form and send it by post to the address given in the information on the way of making a request, along with the enclosure of a document verifying your ID.
    Documents verifying your ID: a copy of your driver's license, a copy of your residence certificate, etc.
    You are requested to bear the expense of a fee to obtain your ID document, copying and mailing.
  4. We will respond to you in writing, in about two weeks after receiving the above documents.

3. Publicity of Handling of Personal Information

Nissan provides the content of "Handling of Personally Identifiable Information" here: Handling of Personally Identifiable Information 

4. Contact for Privacy Policy